Importância Crescente do Scenario Planning no Planeamento Estratégico

Num survey da McKinsey Quarterly "Strategic planning in a crisis: A McKinsey Quarterly Survey" uma das mudanças mais importantes refere-se à relevância crescente dos Cenários e do Scenario Planning no Planeamento Estratégico no contexto actual.

"Scenario planning is becoming a leading part of the process. Over 50 percent of respondents say scenario planning either is playing a bigger role in their companies’ strategic planning this year or has been newly added to the process (Exhibit 2). And when asked to write in the element of their planning processes that has been most valuable in helping them cope with this year’s uncertain environment, more executives mention scenario planning than anything else. Nearly 60 percent of the respondents say their companies are monitoring progress against their strategic plans more frequently this year. Over 80 percent of respondents are assessing the progress of their strategic plans at least quarterly, with 50 percent doing so at least once a month (Exhibit 3)."

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